Fallen Acorn

Our furthest journey to date, we drove quite a way in the name of great beer for our 2nd collaboration brew. Arriving at the Fallen Acorn brewery we were struck by something grand straight away… damn their van is so much bigger than ours!

Walking up to the brewery we were warmly greeted by Ed, head brewer, and Miki, assistant brewer, alongside the rest of the team A coffee and a catch up later we set to work on creating Alliance, a black NEIPA. Neither of us had tried this style before, but if you can’t go crazy during a collaboration brew then when can you. We set about preparing to mash and before you knew it we had piping hot wort ready to transfer. 

Miki treated us to a brewer’s breakfast to celebrate the progress, fresh hot wort with a dash of whiskey. The man loves malt; pale malt, little bit of chocolate malt and a dash of milk wouldn’t go amiss on his breakfast table. Another coffee and the transfer was well underway. 

We then got access to the almighty hop room at Fallen Acorn, Mosaic, Citra and everything a brewer could want was in full supply. It was nearly impossible to resist diving head first into each and every bag. 

You can taste the shared love of hops that we and Fallen Acorn have in the Alliance beer, despite being a BLACK NEIPA, there’s a massive floral aroma from the intense dry hopping regiment Ed had concocted. We got in as many hops as we could but kept the rich chocolate flavours from a complex grist.

It’s a beer we’re really proud of and have to thank Fallen Acorn so much for the beer, good times, endless coffees and free pizza! It’s a really tight group down there and we can’t wait to visit again. They have a real passion for saisons… just saying. 

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